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Antique Agate Pocket Shot Jigger Cup Glass

$ 249.00
Antique grand tour souvenir from Munich Germany circa 1890's. Made from polished banded agate/chalcedony in a gorgeous array of deep rust, burgundy peach and pinks. Etched Munchen on the top. Chalcedony is on the top and bottom with frame work in German nickel silver, inside is lined in black velvet. Jigger is made from telescoping concentric rings probably made from polished nickel. The cup opens to 1.5 in tall, with the top 1.5 in dia., base is 1 in dia. collapses down to .5 in. Clousure is good, outside metal is rather dull with dark areas of tarnish.  Closed size is  1.75" dia. x .75" H.

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